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@thebabestandard Curious about this permanent jewelry thing!? We are bringing permanent jewelry to our shop in KC && a city near you with our mobile boutique— Let me know what questions you have below #permanentjewelry #permanentjewelrykc #kcboutique #midwestboutique ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Here’s some FAQ on our new Permanent Jewelry offering

✨How does it work? Our team will consult with you to design a piece that is perfect for you. We will cut the chain/s to size, do any design welding then we use a specialized welder to close the piece in place on your wrist, ankle or around your neck. The welder runs at extremely low heat and produces only the tiniest spark but closes the link on your new piece.

✨Pricing - Our bracelets start at $75 & go up to $250 for our super unique specialty & statement chains but the average is between $75-100. We have a variety of charms you can add or we can do a mixed chain bracelet. The best place to see current offerings is on our social media. Please note offerings are all first come first serve and may not restock.

✨What is the chain made of? Our gold & rose gold chains are gold filled meaning they are 90% gold with a brass core that has been heat bonded. Silver chains are 100% Sterling Silver. This means you’re good to live your life in these chains! Shower, workout, swim.

✨What if I need to remove it? No problem. If you need to remove it for any reason stop back in our store or you can use sharp kitchen scissors to do this at home. Find the link we used to close and use your scissors on that gap we welded shut. Keep your chain in a safe place so we can reattach it when you’re ready!! Have an upcoming sports season? Many of our customers tuck their chains into sweat bands or their socks during games with no issue.

✨How many chains do you offer? We have 2 core chain styles our dainty link & Paperclip chain. In addition I have traveled to LA to find some super unique & fun options. The fashion chain options will vary, but at the moment we have 10 chains to choose from - Mostly in gold.

✨Do I need an appointment? We highly recommend appointments. If we have availability we will be happy to take you on a walk in basis. Appointments will take priority. Please note booking an appointment does not include entry to the Vintage Market Days show.

✨How do I book an appointment? Right here!!! We request a $30 non-refundable deposit to hold your appointment. This will apply to your permanent piece of choice. 

See you soon!

Still have questions? Interested in booking an after hours party with your friends? Drop us a line below! 

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