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Trust me

I’ve been there

After launching my side hustle in 2018, I worked it part-time for funsies for the first two years. When the world turned upside down in 2020 I hustled and scaled all alone. I know what it’s like to experience exponential growth, and not know what to do next.

When I hit $1mil in revenue in less than 5 years in business, I knew I was on the right track. When I truly tightened up my numbers, my sales plans, and my inventory, my business flourished.

Now it’s your turn.

Business planning isn’t glamorous,

but it’s necessary

Let’s work ON your business so you can enjoy working IN your business

9 week coaching

9 week coaching

Regular price$600.00

9 weeks to work together on scaling your experience based business! In this 9 weeks together, we’ll prioritize the foundational aspects your business needs to get to that next level of scaling. We will jump deep into your numbers and prioritize profit in your business. 

Our 9 weeks will be broken down into 3 main areas of focus:

  1. Financial Planning: time to come face to face with your numbers and plan out your fear from a financial perspective so there is NO more stressing about revenue at the end of each month. You’ll learn to understand the flow, & how to predict the highs and the lows within your year. 
  2. Inventory Management: outlining best practices for ordering, predicting, and organizing. You’ll learn how to save money by buying in bulk, and sell more by never running out of your top sellers. 
  3. Brand Voice and Customer Experience: focus on pinpointing your unique brand and highlighting what sets you apart from the competition. We will dive into personal branding, connecting with your customers and being memorable. 

The Support You’ll Receive Over These 9 Weeks Together:

  • 3 live teaching group calls with Q&A on the topics above with homework and accountability check ins (replays available)
  • 3 live group calls for Q&A (replays available)
  • A group Voxer chat for daily support and questions M-F, 9-4.
  • The financial tracker and planning spreadsheet I couldn’t run my business without
  • My inventory management system and spreadsheet for you to replicate
  • A personalized brand audit of your business
  • An intimate community of other business owners running experienced based businesses ready to support, connect and hold each other accountable in achieving their goals this year!

    She’s got questions

    Expect to invest about 60-90 minutes each week between calls & execution.

    If you miss a live call, no worries! All calls will be recorded and shared for you to review anytime you need. You’ll be able to follow up with questions in our voxer chat.

    The value of this program far exceeds the cost. At just $66/week, we’re talking less than 1 sale within your business. You’ll learn to better manage your finances and plan for expenses in ongoing education. A critical expense for every business owner.

    This is a very exclusive program with only 8 seats available. You will bond with business owners of similar mind and business size and be united in a single goal — Growing your business.